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180th street and st.Nicholas

180th Street

180th street and St. Nicholas , dirty as always. As I look down I see dried up blotches of tar and bunches of assorted flyers, but the oddest of the things I see are wrappers of toilet paper. It’s crowded as always, the thin streets full of people remind me of how clowns look walking on a thin rope.

There are also about three stands selling empanadas I go to the one on the corner because the lady who makes them makes them the cheesiest. This lady is mysterious. I see her everyday, and she never says hi. She always asks the same thing "what kind of empanada do you want? Cheese or chicken?" She’s a bit over 40 years of age with thick, long, brown hair. I buy one and once I’ve dipped my teeth into this fried, cheesy, delicious creation I feel overwhelmed because I haven’t had one in such a long time. It tastes and smells delicious. I’d have to say it’s one of the best Spanish dishes/food. Also in the air is a scent of the best pizza in the world but I’m too full from my empanada to get one. After eating this empanada I get so thirsty so I start heading towards the bodega closest to my house.

I look at the people surrounding me and one person sticks out. As he slowly and sadly passes by me wearing bright, beautiful and exciting colors he really catches my eye. The sadness in his face in a way seeming that his sadness is debating with the expression of his clothes. Other people surrounding me also do not use the art of expression by clothing. All teens laughing and having fun are wearing white long t-shirt that goes down to their knees and baggy jeans that crumple at their feet. These outfits seem very blank not seeming to match the personalities of these teenagers.

I then finally reach the bodega and outside there is a group of older people drinking beers and laughing together. As I then enter the bodega called "Grocery" I feel welcomed by the Spanish music and the warm smile of the owner. I then say hi to him although I don’t know his name, I know he likes my mother. He used to send her heart-shaped lollipops, but I would always eat them. I buy a diet coke and chocolate chip, soft batch cookies and comes out to a total of $1.50.

As I leave. I see the owner of my favorite pet from my building! The dog is an American bull dog, he’s big, but only 4 months old. His name is Bobby and he is so cute. I never really talk to the owner, but he seems nice, and he is about 5’8.I pet him for a while but then the owner seems in a rush, so I say my goodbyes and head towards my apartment.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26