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1313 Blake avenue

My Neighborhood

As Iím walking home, I see the park by Euclid train station. The kids are playing. I think about joining but I donít because this is my first month living in Brooklyn and I donít have any friends.

]I turn to leave. A child comes up to me and asks me to push him on the swing. I push, even though I can tell that he wouldnít return the favor. I can tell because he was a husky kid who couldnít push himself I didnít need the help anyway.

As I reach Belmont Avenue I see a stray cat cross the street. I remember my dad telling me that there were people who would adopt a pet and send them out on the street when they gave birth. Some people canít handle the responsibility.

I approach Crescent Street. After this block, is the land of the elderly. My father likes this neighborhood because there is little commotion. Except on Fridays where crowds of people pass our house on their way to the Rite-Aid across the street.

Most of my neighbors arenít used to me yet. Every time I go to unlock my door they say in unison, ďCan I help you?Ē Man! It makes me feel like Iím at Walmart.

Napoliís pizzeria is my heaven on earth. I go thee every day. The owner even gives me $5 discounts.

There is one more thing I like about my neighborhood; it has a lot of bike paths. Someday I hope I can make a friend racing.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26