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Autumn Avenue, Brooklyn

Autumn Avenue

I’m on Autumn Avenue (in Brooklyn), in the fresh, crisp, natural smell of spring. I notice the faint sounds of cars on the next avenues and nothing else. The bright sun shining upon the street makes me feel like I’m on summer vacation with the warm, soft wind blowing against me. I see leafless trees standing on the streets and the cars of every color of the rainbow parked against the block. Then two tall men came across the street. They are in dark clothes, black caps, and baggy jeans with Uptowns (Airforce1 sneakers). They were talking excitingly like something wonderful has happened. I decided to go to my favorite corner store to get some chips. When I went in, I smell a delectable, irresistible, and delicious scent of baked buttery bread. It is the special day when the storeowner decides to sell homemade food that happens variously every year. I saw three of my neighbors on line for the bread but I didn’t go on because it was too long and crowded. I bought five bags of chips for one dollar and left the corner store. I notice they put a bell on top of the door so when you open the door, the bell rings and jingles. I went home looking around and I saw some girls across the street jumping rope and saying this weird chant at the same time. Tch-tch-tch-tch went the rope. Everyone is wearing light clothes on the streets like if it is summer, which it is not. I have this feeling and emotion that senses so relaxed and free and like if I can do anything I want to do. I see a mother and a father with a boy about six years old. They look happy and I bet so is everyone. I finally reached my house, as I opened the creaky gate and went inside.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26