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Spring Street and Mulbury Street

My Neighboorhood Walk

I am walking around Spring Street. I see all kinds of things like buildings, a park, and some pigeons. I look down on the street. The street was nasty. I see some black gums, (I think that the gum was there long ago.) and trash. I think that there was even dung on the street. I am looking up. I see a lot of buildings. The building I was looking at is under construction. I really like this place because it is very quiet. It was so quiet that I can do my homework without trouble. While I am walking, I see two kids. I am looking at them. They didnít like me looking at them. They were asking me what is my problem. They were trying to act cool. They are wearing baggy pants, wearing caps, and matching clothes. They are even cursing at me. I donít like them but I did not react. I just walked away. I never even knew who they were.

The only person that was acting nice to me was a man who owns a store. He looks like a Spanish person. He is a kind and gentle person. He would try to act cool. He would ask, ďWhatís upĒ and complement me. He looks like he knows a lot about me but for some reason, I barely even know him. I was his best customer and I every time I went to buy something, he would reduce it to the lowest coin. He was a great person unlike the other kids I saw.

There is a park near my house. I went to investigate. Mostly I see a lot of old people. Most of them are playing dominoes. I also see other old people just sitting on the benches like they are lifeless. It looks like no one else is playing in the park. The place is boring and I am the only active person. (Doing my homework) I have learned a lot about my street that I have never did before.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26