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Cherry & Market Street

My Neighboorhood Walk

Cherry & Market Street

The air is fresh and nice. I hear cars going around corners and helicopters flying by. I hear the Hudson River and the FDR highway. I can also hear basketballs and the sounds of hoops. I see kids playing Basketball, some adults driving cars, and people walking, sitting down, running, jumping, and walking dogs. I taste excitement and the smell of food. I smell the fresh air. I touch the fences, the benches, the basketballs, the handballs, the cars, the sidewalks, and the steps.

Both adults and kids walk slow like they donít have a care in the world and some kids ride bikes or scooters. Most adults and kids have short sleeve shirts with shorts or light pants. Most of them have smiles but a few are frowning. I can see this when they are walking under the FDR Drive next to the Hudson River. Some people are walking fast and anxious to play basketball or go out. Some are walking with their dogs and some are running. Kids who are playing Basketball wear short sleeve t-shirts with shorts or light pants. Some adults are sailing on the Hudson River near the FDR Drive.

There is a park right in front of my building that you can play most sports like: Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and Handball. There is a Baseball Field that is private property and one that is open to the public. The park that is open to the public is in bad condition. I hear squeaks from the rusty benches. The Baseball Field has no bases and a lot of garbage. There is a lot of sand and dried up grass with dirt. There are also Kiddie Parks that have slides, monkey bars, and swings. At night, mean people break car windows and some steal rear view mirrors. Some car alarms go off at night. Some people litter on the streets but when the sun comes up, people continue their day like normal.

It is a pretty good neighborhood in the morning and early afternoon but not at night. In the summer, the sprinklers in the Kiddie Parks go on. Most kids like to play with water balloons when the sprinklers are on. Nearby, there are many stores like: Deli Shops, Pizza Shops, Dr. offices, Elementary Schools, Seafood Stores, and a 99 Cent Store. The Deli Shop is my favorite because it has a lot to offer to the people who live nearby. Basically, my neighborhood is a great place to live.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26