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1st Avenue 23rd street

My neighborhood Walk

As soon as I walked off the bus on the beautiful Friday to continue my daily walk home, I began to walk down ‘glass road’. ‘Glass road’ is a poorly paved sidewalk with thousands of tiny glass shards in between the stones. It was New Year’s Eve with beer bottles instead of confetti.

I need to walk into the middle of 23rd Street because there is construction on the sidewalk. I still need to wait for the light, so everybody is honking at me. I finally get the light and walk 2 steps before I stop to see a car driving at least at 35m.p.h with two black cars each with a red light flashing on each one and a siren blaring chasing him. I thought that the two black cars were F.B.I cars.

As I walk by Asser Levy (a public park and swimming pool) I see kids playing basketball, swearing, fighting, and having a good time. There are also people playing tennis in the handball court. I also see kids playing in the playground, and people just sitting there doing nothing in particular. I wonder what they are thinking about then. I remember in the summer time I used to love to play in the sprinklers and occasionally go to the pool and swim here, but they don’t allow any pool toys, and you had to wear a plain white shirt, it reminds me of gym class and our gym uniforms and their code.

I walk on the footbridge over the F.D.R drive and see so much traffic. It’s like people swarming to the checkout counter at closing time. I always got stuck in traffic going to 34th street when I would to my old school. I wondered how the drivers might be feeling because they are stuck in a lot of traffic.

I walk across the middle of ‘the Plaza’, which is in the middle of my complex of complex buildings. I see kids running around in the playground; grown-ups talking about different things and mothers taking care of their child’s needs. People are all buying candy and groceries and coming home from work. All of this suddenly puts me in a very good mood because I realize that it is Friday with the weekend is just around the corner and I run all the way home.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26