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Grand and Elizabeth St.

My Neighborhood

I hear a lot of different sounds wherever I go on the block of Grand, Elizabeth, Mott and Hester St. Some sounds are from people talking and some from automobiles honking and moving around the streets. In the morning, I hear the birds chirp as I walk to the subway station, ready to go to school. the neighborhood is so polluted that most birds only sing in the morning, when everyone's asleep and not driving automobiles. When I do not hear birds chirp and I smell gas, I can tell it is the afternoon, or evening. Even though the gas is harming the neighborhood, the gas is like my home, a friend. I am so used to it, that the gas seems like a part of the neighborhood. Whenever I smell it, it is as though I am in my neighborhood or getting near it.

As I go to school every morning, I could feel the sun's warmth unless it's a smoke-filled sky, with little raindrops. The streets in the morning are not filled with people. they are filled with cigarette butts on the ground and littered coffee cups. there are garbage bins everywhere on the streets and I wonder why people just won't put garbage in the garbage bins. Although the people in my neighborhood are busy with their lives, something wonderful happens. Everyday, someone along the streets of my neighborhood can find old friends or relatives. It's a place where friends are made, found, or lost. My neighborhood has a lot of memories, happy and sad ones.

I can almost find anything in my neighborhood block, though I cannot see any trees, until I have reached a nearby park. I remember I used to play in the parks, sliding on slides, swinging on monkey bars like a monkey and playing a tradional game of hide-and-seek with my sibling. The park is a school, teaching me and other children what pain and fun is. I fall hard on the ground more than once in the park and I have felt the sting around my leg and knee. When that happens, I know I have to just climb back up from the ground and continue the game.

My neighborhood is packed full of stores and buildings so wherever I go in my neighborhood, I can always see stores and buildings. Apartment buildings can be found with average-size apartments. The buildings are painted with friut colors, some red, some blue, some yellow. All stores have customers inside. Buns and different kinds of cupcakes are found in bakeries, which are around the block. Anything that is needed for dinner is sold on the block as well.

Children, teenagers, families hang out around my neighborhood. Smiles on everyone's faces are what I see everyday. Everyone wears similar kids of clothing, depending on the season. My neighborhood block, as I have just realized, is a friendly home to everyone in it, even if they are here for visits.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00