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Walker st. and Broadway

My Neighborhood Tribeca

Down the block the happening crowd sits down for lunch in the restaurant "Bread". On Walker St. the buildings covor the whole block not letting any wind or sunlight through. Up in my loft looking out the fourth floor window you see many other 5 to 15-story builindings scurnched together with not an inch to spare. The air is very pure and fresh. Trash bags lined up waiting to be picked up and there i walk, coming back from school. Not much action is going on on in these few blocks. Fwq people are walking around doing their dailing activities and minding their own buisness. A couple of blocks down the Tribeca Grand Hotel is letting people in and out of its doors, welcoming many guests to stay the night to enjoy New York how it's supposed to be.

As you walk a few blocks north to Canal St. you get punched with a crowd of tourists looking through all the different stores buying fake designer bags and clothes and bootleg vidoes that just came out of the movie theaters. In my neighborhood my family and I do usual activities like going out to dinner a couple of nights a week at the Burrito Bar and the West Side Coffee Shop, a great place to run and grab a quick bite. We also like to go to movies and look in galleries.

At night you can hear people outside talking, horns beeping and other sorts of crashing noises. In the day you can hear many cars and quiet whispers traveling up and down the different streets, horns beeping, pickup trucks crashing, and the sound of a loud car stereo.

It's very peaceful and friendly where I live. Everyday I say my usual hellos and nods to many people that I've known and seen for many years. Children can walk outside and people can do their things without being bothered.

It's the perfect neighborhood for me.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26