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Columbia Street and Sheriff Street

My Neighborhood

Columbia Street, so peaceful, beautiful, and quiet.The thing that ruins this beautiful site is the garbage. Even though the pavements are filled with bumps, the neighborhood is still pretty. The streets are occasionally dirty beacuse no one bothers to throw their trash away. Now wonder why the police in my neighborhood fines people $100 for littering.

As I exit my building, The Masaryk Towers, the air is filled with the smell of the East River. I say, "Hi," to the usual security guard that is on duty. I see children playing happily in the playground and adults talking. As I turn left, I can see the Williamsburg Bridge. The cars that are on the bridge drive by swiftly. Suddenly, I hear the horn of the "J" train, which passes by on the Williamsburg Bridge and it brakes the silence and peacefulness. But the sound soon dies out as the train leaves. As I walk through the oval shaped garden, I can see squirrels climbing trees and birds flying in flocks. As they fly, they form and equilateral triangle. The garden is filled with the aroma of flowers as sweet as honey. As I walk I pass a woman dressed in a blue skirt roaming in the garden. Even though I don't know her, I still say, "Hi".

I walk out of the garden and enter the private parking lot. There I see a car exiting. It was my neighbor, so I waved and she waved back. There are all types of cars in the parking lot: filthy ones, clean ones, new ones, old ones, and even broken ones. As I walk out of the parking lot, I see children going home with their parents. Almost all the children are dressed in uniforms. NEST+M was a school that was in back of my building. MMost girls are wearing dresses or skirts along with a white T-shirt that had a logo that said NEST+M. The boys are wearing navy blue khakis and light blue T-shirts that also have a logo that said NEST+M. As I walk down the street, I see the crossing guards directing children to cross the street.

As I turn the corner, I can see a man selling bouquets of flowers. They are as beautiful as a diamond ring! After a minute, I stop a t a row of stores. The first one is The Key Food Supermarket. On the windows are advertisements of their sales of the week. The next store is Maya's Dry Cleaners. There are many people there, but most of them are middle-aged women. Many of them dressed in jeans and sweaters. As I walk towards the next store, the air was filled with the smell of pizza and garlic knots. It is Roy's Pizzaria. Inside are children eating pizza and ices. Then there is the Masaryk Towers Convience Store. Inside they sell food and household supplies. Next door is The Columbia Pharmacy. In the window are cute little teddy bears. Then across the street I can see a bus picking up its passengers. There are around ten people and they are dressed casually.

As I return to my building, I see girls sitting on wooden benches. Some are talking and some are reading. The neighborhood still remains quiet and peaceful.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00