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Between catherine and Cherry.

Catherine street.

A large group of teenage boys are on the corner of Catherine and Cherry. They all have their pants pulled under their underwear.

" And they think they are cool." I mumble.

They have their bare arms out in the open. They have no coats on.

I hear them making music by rapping, and one is using his mouth as a boombox. They bob their heads and rock from side to side like they are mad dogs shaking off water.

I began to walk towards them.Then i start to choke. The smell of cigarettes burns my throat. I take a deep breath , and then i run into the deli. When i get into the Deli i exhale. The smell of cinnamin rasin bagels toasting, the fresh chocholate chip cookies, and pickels rush into my nose. Oh so wounderful.

"Hey Shawn, Hey Abriham."

"Hey Imani." They say.

When Shawn leaves, Abriham gives me a candy worth a dollar for free. I personally think that i'm his favorite coustumer. Shawn on the other hand hates kids. He hates kids so much that sometimes he smokes in the store to get rid of them.

In return of Abrihams kindness I buy 3 freshly baked chocholate chip cookies and start off home.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26