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Washington sq. village

My Neighberhood

As I pass 3rd street and Mercer. I can see people hurrying in and out of buildings. while others pleasantly walk taking in the warmth of the sun. I can see bare trees as their growth is stopped by a construction roof, supported by silver poles which smell like your hands after handeling quarters. I now arrive at the park.

Washington Sq. park is an island of brown grass with bare trees sticking out of the ground, in a sea of concrete with the smell of hot dogs and pretzels from small carts where people gather around. There is a fountain in the middle of the park with no water in these cool winter days. Since it is not filled with water it is filled with people resting, eating, and playing.

To the north there is an arch similar to the Arch du triumph in France. It is smaller and has other people carved into it. There are chess tables where people are playing and having fun.

I can see little kids playing in swings and slides, while their mothers tend to their baby siblings. Then I see older kids playing ball sports and tag. The adults are just walking and talking shoing their companions their mechendice. While the old play chess and tell stories to any one who will listen.

I come back through a buildings courtyard. While the air smells like smoke as the sun goes down behind my back.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26