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Grenwhich Village

Neighborhood Walk

It's cold. People are wearing coats, and children very large coats (For their size, at least). I had put on several layers of clothes, so I'm burning up. If I take my hodd off, my head will freeze, but I have leave it on, I'll melt. I have nothing to do. I move to the next block, and walk up the streeet, passing people in large coats, some rubbing their hands together to keep warm. I see a child whining for Ice Cream. "But it's the middle of Winter!" complains the parent. "You should eat hot foods wen it's so cold. In summer we can eat Ice Cream when we need to keep cool." "I don't want to wait for Summer, I want my Ice Cream!!!" (After about two more minutes of arguing) the parent gives in.

I follow them to the Haagen Daaz, which is the closest place to get Ice Cream from near my house. I grew up near this Haagen Daaz. After a long walk in the summer of several years ago, I could see myself in that kid, whining and whining for Haagen Daaz I e cream because it's hot and I'm burning up. We all enter the Haagen Daaz, which is empty, because no one in their right minds are buying ice cream on such a cold day. Of course, I came here to get some ice cream myself, or else I wouldn't have followed them at all. The parent asks the Child which flavor he wants, and the Chld points to a flavor under the counter. The parent tells the guy at the counter the child wants a small cup of it, but the child whines. "No, I want a big cup." The kid is basically trying to order something he'll never eat because his stomach is smaller than what he's ordering. The adult protests more and more, but his Child never gives up. THeparent once again gives in, and they walk up with a huge cup of ice cream. I want to follow them, but I want my Ice Cream too. I ask for a small scoop of Strawberry, since that's all I have enough for, and take the cup. I follow them, tring to finish my ice cream quickly. It's hard to write while eating ice cream and following 2 people and write down what they're saying at once. My brain freezes. I wolf down my ice cream with a headache, and continue following them. The kid eats his ice cream pretty fast, but only does about 3/4 of the cup before he starts whining and doesn't want the cup anymore. Te parent complains that he shouldn't have gotten a huge cup of Ice Cream if he wasn't going to eat it. "Fine, you eat it." the Child said. "No, it's the middle of Winter!" So they ended up throwing it out.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00