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Oak St. and Guernsey


I am on an industrial by myself. There are warehouses, factories, and empty buildings. I go down a block to the river. The riverside is trash and dirt. it is chained off. I remember the skatepark made scrap metal by teenagers. It was a good park. It had rails, funboxes, and kickers. For some reason the city tore it down.

I go through a couple residential blocks. Every building is three stories tall. Next I come to Oak st., my street. My house is a two story brick house. We have a stoop and a frontyard that is surronded by a gate. Our street used to have alot of sycamore trees until Asian long horned beatles came and killed alot of them. We still have a couple trees.

Kids play in the street by the age of six. They skateboard, play manhunt, football, baseball, and other games. When you play manhunt on Oak st. anything goes. Kids hide in poeples yards, under cars, and in garbadge cans. Cars come rushing around the corner and everyone yells "CAR!!!" and dives out of the way.

I walk towards Manhattan avenue where all the shos and poeple are. Greenpoint is mostly a Polish neighborhood so alot of poeple on the street you see, are Polish and speak Polish. There are also alot of Polish stores that sell this really good sausage called "Kielbasa." People rush in and out of stores with bags in their hands.

I head up the avenue past alot of shops: a card shop, a donut store, a toy store, a supermarket and alot of Polish stores. Up the street there is a big church. I get to McCarran park which separates Greenpoint from Williamsburg. There are bikers, joggers and dog walkers. Then I get back to the industrial streets.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26