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Coney Island Avenue, between cortelyou road and Ditmas Avenue

Errands to run

When I went to McDonald's down the block from m apartment building, on Coney Island Avenue, there was hardly anyone in there. It felt very deserted. There was only one person on line, so I ran quickly behind him, just in case someone came inside. I took one step up to the cashier and ordered a #2, which is two cheeseburgers, fries, and for a drink I got a sprite. I sat at the nearest table to the cashier. When I looked out of the window, I saw people walking in and out of the Laundromat. It made me pretty dizzy. They all looked like they were in a bad mood. It was probably because they had to run errands instead of relaxing and watching television on the weekend. The person that sold me the number two, looked pretty depressed. He was wearing one of those McDonald shirts for the employees. Well, obviously. He was standing there, his arm bent and his hand on his cheek. Just by the look on his face, I felt sad. Maybe because he had to work on the weekend.

Once I finished my cheeseburgers and fries, I went to the supermarket further down the street. The supermarket was much more crowded than McDonald's, probably because it is larger and sells more food.

My mom told me to get a carton of milk, eggs, and three Granny Smith apples. The cost of everything was about a couple of cents over five dollars.

I knew the cashier well because I see him every weekend that I go to the supermarket. He is a very kind guy, atleast to me. He dresses very casual, like he does not even work there. Whenever I go to the cashier, we would usually have a conversation.

"Hello young lady," he said in a happy voice.

"Hello," then I looked at his nametag and said,"Phil."

"Oh,I am just borrowing this nametag from another employee, so people know that I work here, but my real name is Eric."

"Oh, I am sorry...Eric," I said.

"Ok, young lady, the cost for the milk, eggs, and apples is $5.02. It was originally $6.02, but i lowered it down for you," he said in a whisper.

"Thank you, see you later Eric," I said with a smile on my face.

"Bye, young lady," Eric replied.

As I walked home, I nearly tripped on and fell onto the hard, bumpy, concrete ground. I felt so embarrassed. What if someone saw me and started laughing?

Yummy, I could smell the sweet bread from the bakery around the corner on Dimas Avenue. Oh, the sweet smell of bread. I wish I could eat all of that bread. It is called Allen's Bakery. It is a pretty medium sized store, with beige colored wallpaper. Whenever you walked in, you would hear this jingle sound.

When I got back on my block, I noticed my old baby-sitter. She was wearing a fluffy, down to ankle dress. I remember when she used to baby-sit me. We would watch televisio and laugh at all the funny things.

"Hi, Kerry," I said.

"Hello Michelle, how are you?" Kerry asked.

"Fine, you?"

"'I'm fine too," Kerry responded.

"Well, ok it was nice talking to you, bye Kerry," I said.

"Bye Michelle."

It looked like she was heading towards where I was, Coney Island Avenue. Maybe she was going to run some errands too.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26