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Between Jane Street and Bethune street

My Neighborhood

My Neighborhood I walk out of my building through the doors which I use every single day. I look across the street and see a small park. There are flowers that are starting to bloom and trees with barely any leaves. That is all the result of the harsh winter. I cross the street walking toward Greenwich Street. I see a row of brown brick, 100 years old townhouses. The doors are just like the kind of doors you see in old mansions except they are smaller. I look through the window really closely and I see a big swirling staircase. The sidewalk is really old with cracks here and there. The street, just like the sidewalk, is very old. But it is not all cracked up like the sidewalk. There are bricks, thousands of bricks, which were put together forming the street. One brick may be sticking up and the other one is down. I touch it and it feels smooth. Across the street there is a garage that says Piano on the door. People go in and out mysteriously. I walk down the street and turn on the corner. There is a laundromat across the street. I can see the steam rising, and rising from the iron. There is also a huge rack of shirts and coats. It is a place that helps many people and many of them go in and out of the laundromat. I walk down Greenwich Street and cross the street. I walk down the block and in the end of it there is an entrance to Dagstinos. There is a row of carts that is used for delivering food lined up in front of the door. The door is the kind that opens automatically when you stand in front of it. And the swishing sound it makes when it opens is absolutely wonderful. I turn at the corner and walk down the block. I look at the sidewalk and wonder why no one repairs the old sidewalk. Then a mark in the sidewalk caught my eye. I look and see that it say “Hunter and Beaux.” That is the name of my old classmate and Beaux is his dog! At the corner of the block I see a restaurant called Baby Buddha. It is a place where many families go eat on weekends. Across from Baby Buddha is the building where Hunter lives. I turn on the corner and there is a mysterious warehouse. I think it contains office supplies. Across the street is a construction site. There is a crane as tall as Godzilla that stands there doing nothing. Even though I think they are finished, there are still some machines at the construction site. Behind the construction site is the building where my best friend Lee lives. His balcony is full of dust from the construction of the new apartment building. Next to the warehouse is a bar. I went Trick Or Treat there once and it was packed with people drinking, talking and partying.

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I cross the street and there is a restaurant. The hours of the restaurant is weird because one Wednesday it opens at 9 and the next Wednesday it doesn’t open at all! On the street taxis are rushing by, all trying to get a customer. The only thing that can stop them is the traffic light and customers. And this is the neighborhood that I live in, the neighborhood that is mysterious, interesting, and safe.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26