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Jackson Heights

My Jackson Heights

I hear the soft chirping of birds as they fly away, startled by the loud closing of the door. I listen closely to hear the steady tune of the Morning Dove. I walk over to the nearby bakery. I smell the sweet smell of freshly baked cookies and big pastries and as I do I fall into a deep intoxicating dream. I wake up from my heaven when I see the lady beckoning me in. I see the lady and she smiles sweetly. I walk inside and look at the beautiful cakes. Some white with delicate pink swirls and some just pure chocolate. She asks what I wanted. Her name was Marcella. She has dark flowing brown hair and a kind soft face. She speaks mostly Spanish. I looked around at her small shop and saw the nice neat and arranged chairs. She said in her thick Spanish accent, "What would you like today?" I asked for a cheesecake. As walked out of the store with my delicious cheesecake I remembered that I had to go look for something.

As I passed the house I looked up. And saw the ugly plain barred window. I frowned as I looked up at my brown bricked building. When I looked at the lobby I saw the painted black metal door and the nice shiny silver metal elevator, I smiled and thought,"It's all not that bad." I look up at the large address numbers on the top, 33-24 and I smile, "That's my house." I smelled the sweet smell of the pine bushes as I walked along my pathway. A small metal fence was protecting them from all and any intruders. I start to see the entrance of Travers Park and the empty basketball courts. I see a guy jogging in his navy blue jogging suit. He is elderly and looks very pleased at himself. I continue walking and feel a soft breeze and see the red and black swings swaying in the breeze.

I looked across the street and saw a small clearing. I cross the street cautiously and I see a painted red brick wall and a little walkway with steps. I walk straight ahead a I see a little bit of the clearing. Surrounding either side I see green, ripe, grass and a tree in the middle of the grass. I walk a little further and go down the steps. All I see is a long gray path and on either side there is two black metal fences and in them is the back side of the buildings. On one of the fences is a large lock and I see that one of them doesn't have a lock. I walk over to it and I open it. I see a large black and white area that has nothing in it. I walk out and I see that this area was one block wide and one block in length.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26