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Between 86 Street and 2nd Avenue

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood In my neighborhood there’s a sweet smell like no other! The smell of fresh bread, sweet donuts, and of polluted air. Polluted from the traffic and the stink of garbage bags waiting for the garbage truck to come. It sounds boring, but there is a cure for that. Just walk up a block and you got your self-a big movie theater. It has all the coolest hits like, “Lord of the Rings the Return of the King” and, “Cold Mountain” and so on. Like to be picky about your food? No problem, I happen to be picky too! Try Chinese or the fast food of Burger King and MC Donald’s or just a slice of pizza. If you want to slide down a few slides or swing on the swings or do your homework outside on a bench in the park you can walk down a few blocks and enjoy the Hudson River and Carlschurtz Park just like me! The garden smells like a meadow in a country without pollution and every day problems bothering you. See happy children play basketball and gleam with pride when they score a few points just like an adult would glow if he won the lottery. See as a dog runs after his tennis ball with his tongue lolling out of its mouth. Want to buy your brother or child a game system or a game for his/her birthday like I did. Get a great recommendation and variety to choose from so that you can buy games for even 5year olds like me. A variety so big that you could find games for pre-school kids to games that fit 20year olds. Then come to the neighborhood of 86th street and 2nd avenue and visit our Game Stop. Want to get a computer, television, vacuum, CD, or any electronic for yourself or you’re family come to my neighborhood and visit PC Richard & son. Need new cloth that fit you like a lightbulb fits a lamp and feels so fresh that not even a person who got out of a pool could feel fresher, come to my neighborhood.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26