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My New neighborhood

I turn the corner. Then I see a different world. I’m not used to this neighborhood. My old neighborhood is much cleaner and quieter. I see ugly and dirty lampposts with graffiti on them. I look across the street to see a Ninety-Nine Cent store, laundry stores, C town, and a Rite Aid pharmacy. Every store had bright lights except for the Ninety-Nine Cent. It was small and dim-lit. I decide to check it out since I had never been in there before. When I look at all the items like toys, combs, and garbage bags, I figure they are all more than 99 cents. It was probably a $5.00 store if you ask me. I walk back to the block my apartment was on. I smell pretzels and the smell of garbage. It didn’t seem right. As I turn another corner, I see a junkyard that is stinky, dirty, and odd-looking. It was odd-looking because it has vines, tires, bottles, and a lot of garbage. But next to that, I see a schoolyard with a painted wall, a nice and clean, barbed-wire fence, and no cracked floors. I compare it to the junkyard, and the junkyard makes the schoolyard look like heaven. At the end of the block, I see signs that say: Ave D and E 5th street. When I turn, I only see a bus stop and a newspaper stand. Nothing interesting here. I hear men drilling and trucks zooming by as I turn. A pigeon was on my windowsill. I watch it fly away. I see my green door, my doorbell, the stairwell, and my window. Home sweet home.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26