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Between 84th&5th and 84th&Madison

Neighborhood Walk

I walk down the street and feel the wind blowing gently against my face. As the sound of people returning home from work during rush hour goes on in the background i walk down the street and pass the names Jim and Irene written in the sidewalk that were written when the cement was wet. I walk down the narrow street that feels a little like a crowded alleyway. I pass a man in a purple jacket pushing a stroller, walking next to a woman in a black coat talking on her cellphone, who I assume to be his wife. I reach the corner and spot the chalk drawing of two men fishing on a cloud. The drawing is signed 'DELAVEGA'. I have to stop at the corner as the light has changed. I watch as a bus pulls up on the next corner and a group of high schoolers get on it. The high schoolers were wearing plaid uniforms so i assume that they go to the church/school that is next to my building. I watch as a business woman, that looks to be about 30, runs to catch the bus before it leaves, even though the bus had just got there. I watch as she gets on quickly. She looks like she's in a rush. Thr light turns green and i start heading across the street. The cars skid to a stop as they each reach the kight. I look at all the colors: gray, red, whie, dark green, and black. I reach the corner and see the blocker that blocks off the street from incoming traffic while the kids from the school play in the street. They had just been dismissed as a swarm of parents and kids in plaid uniforms swarm the street like buzzing bees. I see some of the girls in skirts and I wonder why they make them wear skirts in this weather. I feel a little sorry for them as I turn right into my building.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00