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Broome Street

My neighborhood

I live in a small neighborhood in Broome Street. Here in my neighborhood there are a lot places to go. There are a couple of gaming centers next to my building and across from my building where they play cards, dice, dominos, and sometimes-even pool. Here they bet real cash, not chips and they don’t have dealers. Today I was allowed to go in but sometimes during tournaments kids were not allowed to go in because people need to concentrate. Other than tournaments they do many things in this gaming center, they play, they talk, they laugh, they smoke, and they drink and some even curse. These centers may not be as big or as crowded as the casinos but they are very good places to concentrate on your game when you are playing. They keep quiet when people are trying to concentrate. They know how to stay quiet even when people are playing well and winning a lot of money. Some people when they really need serious concentration they go into a room to play, away from the noises of people talking and playing. People there don’t cheer for winners nor do they laugh at losers. They don’t flatter people and they don’t taunt at people neither. They cheer people up when they lose and they at the same time congratulate people that win. A few blocks up my neighbor stands the Roosevelt Park, a very big and very old playground with one large basketball court and two handball courts. This park has a playground and jungle gym for the younger kids of ages of five to eight or nine years old. For the kids ages ten to maybe young adult ages there is the basketball court and the two handball courts. Then finally for the senior citizens behind the jungle gym are checker tables made for the old people to play Chinese checkers on. Sometimes in that part of the park on special occasions the play Chinese checkers tournaments there where people compete for prizes. I had a lot of fond memories in that park. In that park I met many people and played with many of my friends. To the park I was just some kid playing there. However to me the park is a treasury of fond memories, exercising in the morning and playing in the afternoon.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26