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On the corner of Grand and West Broadway

My Neighborhood walk

I walk on Grand st. to the bus stop on west braodway between Grand and Canal to pick up my brother. I'm on the shadow of the Soho Grand hotel. It's loud where I wait for my brother. I stand right next to a restraunt. I've seen it serve clams and hamburgers. French maybe American? I hear people talking. I hear someone shout how they hate the food. The cars outside lure me away with a loud honk. I looked at my watch and it tells me I have ten minutes left. So I wqalk around on Grand street. There is a parking lto filled with gleaming cars. When I turn the corner the noise of a crane barrages my ears. I ran down the block. Now I am on Canal street. The croud of tourist pushes me ahead. Each vendor sells something different;movies, watches, and sunglasses. I never but anything because i think they are fake. My parents always say, "damn tourists" and walk on the street to go faster and avoid tourists. I hear the bus honk and thats my signal to get there fast.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00