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26th st. between park and lexington

In the small area around 26th street between Park and Lexington Avenues, there are many brownstone houses

In the small area around 26th street between Park and Lexington Avenues, there are many brownstone houses.They are all of the same design, and of the same exact size, neatly aligned next to each other like brothers. Right in front of these houses are black, steel gates that point upwards to the sky. There are always flowerpots with beautiful flowers in them. They just sit there all year, watching the people pass by them. The flowers grow so quickly that they are often 3 feet tall! However, some people find these flowers so good that they have to have them for themselves, and they, stupidly, pull off the flower's head and so all that remains is an ugly stump. Right now, while I do these observations, I sit on the box that holds the earth for the tree that I am next to. I smell some strange scent coming from one of the trees near me. I sit there wondering what it could be. I watch the people passing by, and I see a baby in a stroller. I wonder what he's thinking. I get up, walk further, and see a store on the corner of the street. There is a vegetarian restaurant there, and it is going out of business. It is very strange, because that place seems to have only restaurants, and they all go out of business within three years. During my life, I have seen 4 restaurants there, and they have all gone out of business. I often think that anything that goes on that corner is doomed to fail. Across the street from me is an armory. It is big Grey, and pretty ugly. It doesn't seem to be taken care of very well, since every winter, there is always slippery ice in front of the building. There is also always snow on the roof. One day when I was coming back from school, I saw all of the snow just fall off of the roof like an avalanche! Luckily, there was nobody under the roof. Usually my life on 26th street is pretty boring, but once in a while, there are some fun things to make it better. Overall, I think I couldn't live in a much better place than I already do. Felix Feist, 606 (Neogamers.tk)

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