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My Block by Nikolai Gressin

On 15 street and 6 avenue there is a black gate with real gold spikes on top. In gold plate letters a sign on the fence says Stone Hedge Gardens. Inside there is a courtyard with a circle center. Brick buildings surround it and thery have vines crawling up the sides. Plants are all around. There i can hear birds and sometimes smell plants. To learn I look inbetween the bars of the gate. The red brick looks like it is falling, but it shines in the sun. On my side of the street, there is a brick building with white window frames and terricies. There is a doorway where a doorman sitsall day. The place smells musty and makes me sleepy. There is a white manble floor. Next to that is a open area with trees and plants every where. During the winter the trees spread over the top. Vines wind up the walls.Even during the winter I can hear birds. Next to that is like the open area, but the sidewalk is small. There is a returant next to that. There is a red carpet and a red curtian. It has a big meatal awning. Next to that is a place with two big blue stairs that lead to black doors. Next to that is my home. First there are two glass doors. Then there are stairs to the lobby. There is a chandeleer with meatal bars on it. I walk in and go home

The story was posted on 0000-00-00