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109 between 1st and 2nd ave

My Neighborhood

One day on 109 street between 1st and2nd at carwash. There was an extremely long lne because they were bust. BOOM! A gunshot, I wondered, the whole block ducked in fear. Everybody looked outside. Instead of a dead body there were two men arguing on why cars just crashed. There were De la Vega paintings all over the place. the smelll of either gas or oil was killing me, it was strong and sticky like vomit. The smooth building gate was as cold as ever. Across the street a plaza filled with children. It looked like a Colliseum from the distance, bu yet around the Collisem was a drive by were people dropped off packages. It was so filled it seemed to be MacDonalds dirve by. At first sight it loooked like another gang loitering but it was a group of pigeons from the ditance. There was this little drilling noise that was bugging me but it was the new deli being worked in. The sound made you want to be deaf. In the end it looked like my world to look over.

The story was posted on 2004-03-26