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Roosevelt Island

My Neighborhood Walk

While I am walking down the street of Roosevelt Island I see many things like a Deli, which has lots of food like crackers juice, ice cream, bagels, bread, donuts, sandwiches, milk, candy, energy bars, and coffee. I walk inside and I fit in like a regular person. No one cares about you just if you by something. Everyone staring at me because I am the only child because no child goes to the Deli. I buy a loaf of bread for one dollar. I get out of the city part while riding my bicycle, I see children playing in the big blue park, swinging on monkey bars like monkeys, going down the slide and shoosh they are down on the ground again. I see some smaller kids playing in the sandbox making a volcano of sand. I move along the park, riding my bicycle next to the Hudson River which smells like garbage from pollution. I come upu to this green field where kids are suppose to play baseball but no one there, peaceful and quiet. I pass a big blue swimming pool and I see kids playing in the nice warm water jumping inside teaching each other tricks, diving, and the moms and dads waiting hopelessly to go home. I come back to the city to see the Deli manager come out to go to eat. I pass by him and see that he has angry look on his face becausehis sales didn't go up today. I go up to another store called the Cards and Gifts Shop and walk in. I amd treated the same here asa the deli. So I levae and go back to the park and say to myself that this is a nice and peaceful place to live in that I love it so much.

The story was posted on 2004-03-07