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87th street between 2nd and 3rd avenue

87th street between 2nd and 3rd

I walk towards 3rd avenue on 87th street. A very narrow sidewalk, not too many people, not too less, but with several dog droppings. I hear the distant rumbling and drillingt of a construction going on. I start to see the lights hanging from the scafolding they had built earlier, and the drilling gets louder. I come in front of the construction. They had taken down a huge building. It had once been shelter for not-so-lucky people. Many poor people had been liveing there, and I wonder where they had moved. Another cheap apartment? Or maybe th esidewalks, and even in the subway stations, Bits of small and large concrete lie on the ground. THe floor is all covered with heaps of rock. I see massive trucks, and a bulldozer running slowly out of the wasteland. Its sounds pick me up, and throws me off to the side. I can smell the gas and hear the motors of the drillers and trucks. Was it a good judgment for the apartment to have changed? Was it fair? I had the felling when you trade cards. Was it a good trade? I lean foward, and I was suprised of how tall the sidewalk was from the ruined basement of the building. I felt that I was the king of the construction. I could see everything. Still, I think of the question. Was it a good trade? I turn around, smacking right into a pole. I stagger, and I walk towards 2nd avenue, dodging some dog droppings.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00