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My Neighborhood Walk

It's a warm and sunny day. Cars and people of all kinds pass by. No one seems to be talking to each other. As I enter a deli, the cashier I always see when I enter the store, says, "Hello!" warmly. Whne i leave with a box of cookies, he says, " Bye!" as warmly as he greeted me when i first came in. in his eyes I knew he will be expecting me soon. As I walk around, there is nosmell inthe air, for it is just a regular Saturday noon with nothing exciting going on. As I touch the cookies, it feels warm, or is it just the sun? The blinding sun makes my eyes squint as I look around. As I eat some cookies, a nice and happy feeling comes over me and nails a smile on my face. As I continue to walk, I decide to go to the Hong Kong Pharmacy Corporation to say a friendly hello to them for I know the cashier well, also. As i get near the pharmacy, I finish up the cookies and throw the box away. As I enter, I decide to get something to drink, for the cookies made me thirsty. When the cashier sees me, he gives me a greeting as warmly as the other cashier. As I look around I see all kinds of things, but most of all;candy!!!All kinds of candy like Sweddish Fish, Baby Bottle Bop, and chocolate;Hershey's, Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Twits and even more! The pharmacy was filled with stuff. I can't say that enough! I go over to the refrigerator filled with drinks. There was Coke and Sprite. I struggled to choose the right one. Finally I choose Sprite because it has no caffine. Now that I'm at the counter, the cashier lowers the price for me as a friend and just for me. I thank him gladly as I pay for the soda. We smile at each other and say, "Bye!" knowing we will see each other once again. I wave at him as the door closes.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00