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My Neighborhood Walk

The smell of warm bread filled the air as I entered the small store. Ham, Salami, turkey and roast beef were all piled on a shelf next to a variety of different chesses. There was an old coffee pot with steaming black liquid, and nearby people were standing in line to taste it. There were also bagels and crossiants that were as crispy and flaky as the winter wind itself. Even though the wind seemed so brutal, people didn't seem to mind for they were sitting outside. Down the street, people were sitting outside a garden planting hydrangeas and other flowers in the rich soil. As I was walking across the street, cars zoomed in and out as fast as the speed of light.Crossing the street led us to a bookstore. Books of all genres lined up in sperate sections. The window had an advirtisement for a bestseller. It looked preety warm inside. I wished that I could go in, but I know I couldn't. Apples, oranges, bananas, and tangerines were all in the fruit market that day. The rainbow of colors seemed to brighten up the dull winter day. There was an old rusted scale in the corner. You would place your fruits in the scale, and hope your items weighed as little as possible, since things got priced by the pound. However, diferent fruits also had different prices, so eventually all prices evened out. Now our last stop of the day, the park. Once when I was 4, it was the first time my friend Sara came from out of state to New York. We went and played and ate ice cream until the park closed & threatened to kick us out. The park is the most scenic place in our little community. It has red oak benches and it's once lush trees add a touch of wonder and mystery to the park. It has a cobblestone path each stone symetrically placed. That now ends the journey of my neighborhood

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