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Columbus circle

Neighbor hood walk

I looked up in the sky instead of looking at the clouds thus my eyes locked on the new Time Warner Center. Gleaming and shining glass caught my notice although the building was finally done in construction, people moving in their new jobs made by this beautiful skyscraper. Businessmen in their suits walking down up the sidewalks of 59th, each with a purpose. Lines of trucks coming out of the garage on the 1 st floor each with a purpose of bringing this gleaming shining glass to life. From when it was a single beam to an enormous structure I witnessed the progress. This street used to be a place where people came only to go to the subway. Now there is a mall to where there wasnít for at least for another 10 blocks. The store diredtly under my apartment building is a store that helps keep this community thriving everyday, has a whole different world filled with any kid would want. I ahead more and I see the usual bum with his dirty white torn blanket with his unshaved face with his sign saying: Feed the poor. Help me get a cup of coffee or anything to eat. God will remember you for your dead. Another block ahead I see the morning star restaurant with itís hungry morning customers eating breakfast. I walk home thinking I have just witnessed a usual day but with a fresh start.

The story was posted on 2004-03-11