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west 22street between 8th and 9th anenue

Im walking down the block at all that I can see, and I think to myself "there is so much coming from this block its hard to tell if its good or bad. Its good in a bad way and bad in a good way." It reminds me of someone who murdured out of defense. l look across the street and see some residences of the Alerton Hotel lounging outside listening to the murmur of a broken radio placed ontop of a car. "The Alerton" I think " Looks warm and inviting to those who are alien to block, but those that venture pass it each day have it hidden that it it is a residence for members of drug rehab centers. The Alerton is good to help people but bad in what it is." "EXUSE ME." I hear a stern voice behind me. "hmm? oh sorry." I hadent noticed that while observing the Alerton I was holding someone up. The man obnoxiously pushed me into the saint pauls church behind me. To caught up in thought to muteer what I normally would I think " The saint paul church. have I ever been inside? no. Its kind of like its not real to me. I passit every day to and from school but Ive never been inside. I guese some things are better dreamlike. Good: It provides religious preachings to those who never ventured without it. Bad: The smell of cabbage and homelessmen it gives off." As I walk I see an old man of about seventy whom I see every afternoon and some mornings. The man is quiet at least to me he is. I do not know his name, all weve shared is simple dialouge " hello I ll say" what I get back is a smile accompanied with a nod of the head. "Good: he smiles back Bad:thats all." I look around at the perfectly discolored walls. An effect of time has washed away the arrogence of the pink blue and purple walls peking through the Ivy. I look down at the side walk it looks a dead gray compared to my white shoe laces. The block would probably mean nothing tome if ididden live on it I would dread walking it as i DREAD WALIKING BLOCKS THAT SHOW NO INTREST TO ME. What a scary thought

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