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Williamsburg Poem

Once in Williamsburg, There were horses and wagons. One of them is Drummer With Willie Flittman chasing after him. There was the El train that goes from Brooklyn to Manhattan, The trainthat goes from the peaceful borough to the big city. There were people that pinch women until they are black amd blue. Some people look back hoping to be pinched, While other poke the pincher with a pin. Now cars and trucks roam the streets Such as a Pepsi truck to deliver stuff. And there is no delivery guy chasing after the truck. There is also the subway and the train That connects different boroughs And cities in the U.S. I see the subway speeding on its track, going conching, conching. One second you see it and the other you wonder where it zoomed off. And this is Williamsburg, New And still old.

The story was posted on 2004-04-02