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Brooklyn-Old School Style

Brooklyn-Old School Style Brooklyn, old school. Brooklyn, new school. The difference? I might have some idea. Beyond the broken windows, Beyond the broken gates, The sun shines, Like a golden plate. It reflects on a garden, Full of beautiful, lively, flowers, Waiting patiently, For the April showers. The worn old rags and dresses, Francie called clothes, Now we have Abercrombie, and Von Dutch, Oh Yeah! Those! Hair was cut short, That was, when Francie was older, the style. Now a lot of people have long hair, rather than short, And the people with long hair run out the people with short hair, by a mile. Clothes were not important, Not with the money they had, Even a waste of pennies, worth nothing today, Would make every family mad. Francie didn’t have clothes she really wanted, until she got a job. Times were very hard. Now I shop for cool clothes, often, Because it’s all on my dad’s credit card. Brooklyn, old school Brooklyn, new school. The difference? I have some ideas.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00