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Changes A girl with straight hair and blue round eyes walked down Scholes Street. The same dirty, ugly, old street as I am walking down. She passed Cheap Charlie's filled with kids Cashing in their prized penny for a bagful of candy. Carney's, the door swinging back and forth, as kids flow in bringing in smashed cans and hammered metals. Gimpy's, dusty and bare. Like a dead world inside. But as I look to my right I see 99 cent stores with signs that say "This lamp only 32 dollars," Electronic stores with gadgets no one then could have imagined Grocery stores with bottle mountains of soda, one on top of the other. The girl looked inside the store and saw Old broken candy bunched in a bag. Cheap little toys and wooden dolls with frazzled hair. As I look around I find Juicy Fruit gum and Pop Tarts with strawberry icing. Lottery tickets with the promise of a jackpot. "You could be a millionaire!" Electric lamps and citrus scented candles. The girl wore leather laced up shoes A brown cotton dress, way past her knees A red ribbon in her hair. I look around and I see, Jeans and t-shirts. Colorful, oddly shaped shoes. High tops. Low tops. Why this big change? Why a cent for her but a dollar for me? Why did our prices rise from being so small, To being so BIG? Candy now is a silver quarter to a green dollar. But for her candy is a penny. What a change… What a BIG change!

The story was posted on 0000-00-00