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Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Changed Brooklyn. The old world brooklyn. Williamsburg. A neighboorhood with character, At least enough to write a book. A book about a girl. A girl named Francie, With a brother named Neely, And parents who went by Katie and Johnny. Williamsburg was a place with deals for the poor penny candy stores rye bread for a dime. Francie went to places with simple store names. Cheap Charlie's Gimpy's. Brand names weren't the most important. Now so different. I went to Williamsburg now. It is now a place simply with good knock-offs sold cheap radios for just 15! Now they've got The Beehive Starworld. And you HAVE to find the real Von Dutch Juicy Hardtail What? You don't have? Freak. Changed.

The story was posted on 2004-04-02