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Brooklyn Streets

Brooklyn Streets Felix Feist Economy. Prices. They make up all existence. They are everything in this world. In Brooklyn The prices have changed. They ranged from 1 to 5 cents. Now They are easily twenty times as much A candy Was one cent. Now it is 25. I wonder… What happened In those 90 years? In another century, Will a mere gum be worth $2.50? You never know. It seems that other than prices, Not much has changed. There is lots of graffiti on the walls, Trash fills the cans, And some litters the floor. I ask; why? Why is it this way? Why are things so rusty? And dirty? Why are there shops with the signs peeled off, the rusty door, and the people moving out? Why is there an old bulldozer in a construction site where no one is working? Why? Why doesn’t the government help? Do they know of this? Or are they just ignoring it? They have their huge wars Their billions of dollars Couldn’t have been used for this cause? Is this partially because of war? Are we paying for this in our taxes? Economy is something that will not hold still. It changes over time Sometimes for the worse, Sometimes for the better.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00