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In Brooklyn once, there was carts and trolleys . That dominated all of Williamsburg, needed to run human lives. These metals were once going up and down the street . Now days they live up to their car and truck. Ancestors that pollute our clean fresh air. But these pieces of metal will be remembered through history. They might be in junk yards but they were once on this earth up and running. Back then there were stars that gleamed at night. Now they are still here but are hiding from our view. But there is always Manhattan ave to walk . from and to Cheap Charlies for candy. There was once children that roamed the streets. Like Francie and Neely. For junk but they are still here . Under the black cement dark earth. Which were everyone will go although they had their time to roam freely. Now that the Brooklyn is still. Alive these souls are roaming again. Around still collecting for Carneys . Viewing the world as a man dangling on a rope of life.

The story was posted on 2004-03-31