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Clothes By Zoe D-C I stand in the rain, On the road. I see what can’t be seen. I see the past. The faces, Of the people, once walking on that street. The voices, Of the children, Once playing in the road. The colors, Of the clothing, Once dotting the crisp air. I see fun young women in Fluffy white slips, under Thin, lace dresses. Or in tight gray suits, trimmed with Black lace braids, Near two large ruffle rows. Or in blue faille suit, With georgette crepe blouses That cover Patent leather pumps With dark brown buckles. Or in thin white blouses With light gray purses, light gray gloves, and light gray hats. Walking in vici-kid High-buttoned Spooled-heel shoes. I see lean tall men in a tunic, Or in knee pants Or in cheap khaki clothes. In duble-breasted suits, Fresh white shirts, Polka dot bow ties. Or in pure black tuxedos, With a derby, With a dickey, And fancy pointed black shoes. And I walk now. The faces, The the voices, The clothes all disappearing. And I walk now, In the rain, On the road, And I see I see the “now” people. I see the “there” people. I see fun young women in Puffy nylon jackets, Tight-fit jeans, Soft cotton scarves, White NIKE sneakers, Butterfly hair clips, High black boots, Blue denim jackets, And white-stripped blue sweats. I see lean tall men in Big baseball caps, Straight-legged jeans, Black NIKE sneakers, Cotton army jackets, gray sweat pants, big yellow boots, puffy quilted jackets, Or straight black suit, And fresh white shirt, And fancy pointed black shoes. I stand on the road, Now and then, Here and there. I don’t SEE anything, any more, any longer. I see one thing though. I see change. I see time whispering to us words we cannot hear, hissing like a snake, Hissing in the wind It calls- Here was once voices shouting, Here was once clothes coloring, Here was once. And here is now! -Zoe D-C

The story was posted on 0000-00-00