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Once in Brooklyn

Actually in Brooklyn I saw, People peaceful and calm no chaos. Like the tree outside of Francie's House It was like this a century ago But a lot has changed. Prices in our world of the other Of food, toys, phone calls, and cars All of this for 30 cents It wasn't like this in our world. Before the cars Before the trains, Even before elcetricity Did Francie know of this? They only know of gas lights. Women weren't treated like men Did men clean houses, Did men cook dinners, Did men have problems. No, they didn't. This was left to The women like Katie and her Life. This world unlike Manhattan Is great to Francie but unfair Francie had to buy meat from Hasslers And had to fight for bread at the give away. Was this fair to her? No, it was not

The story was posted on 0000-00-00