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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Buildings (Poem)

Brooklyn buildings Old New Clean ones, young and free and fresh and new ld ones Tired Ragged Destroyed, torn Mangled, roughly painted with crude, hateful words Then some With intricate patterns, clean and alive Others, soiled and ugly with filth Mess Tired mess, old dirty mess, grime and filth Doorways streaked with ugliness Beauty and Glory All covered and ruined Then coming across those Those ones filled with inspiration and joy Colors, yet some colors tired with age Colors faded, melted Melted, slipping away Rain coming down, melting all color Colorful youth, freedom, wonder All destroyed Fences, intricate patterns Guarding, sealing, protecting beautiful buildings Beauty in twisted metal Sealing the life of the building Each one unique Yet some rust Chipping paint falls and hits the paved cement Crumbling away Then to find the youth again, the freedom Buried under the chipping replacement Each building speaking Talking laughing Dying Chipping crumbling Melting, slipping away with age Each building speaking Singing songs of color Songs of life Songs of death and destruction Songs of hope and joy Each building living Dying Hoping. Hoping for the sun to shine.

The story was posted on 2004-04-02