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Play ball in the lots. The library was an old shabby place. Sure i was no good at marbles myself. Newyorks old folksong. Not one block without cars no open lots.I could see neeley calling to play ball in the lots.No more basball in the sreets nor lots not in 2004. Francie had no shabby place, gone by the wind.No library in 2004 only 100 years ago.No more shabby place gone by the wind. Sure i was no good at marbles yself.well to bad there are no marbels now.Its okaay to suck beacuse no one plays with marbles. NewYorks old folksong.It is old all right.Now the rap and hip hop as taken over.now ther are no folksongs.not even one thearters.Only one broken down movie thearter. 100 years ago in williamsburg brooklyn play ball in the lots the library was an old shabby place sure i was no good at marbles myself 100 years ago in wiliamsburg

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