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Walking the Sidewalks of Brooklyn

Brooklyn used to be beautiful and serene. Tall trees with umbrella-shaped leaves would grow out of a cobblestone street. Women wore petticoats, dresses and aprons to work. Mud-brown suits with dark sailor hats, would suffice for a womans' date. Men would wear green tuxedos, gold cuff-links. Now women wear tight, flared, black pants, Long coats that button or zip down the front. They have three holes in their ears, decorated with mismatched earrings. Men wear pants that could fit three children in one leg, And sparkling gold "bling-bling". Clothes are sold by the pound, Or prices decided upon by intricate needlework, Foreign cloths with names that none can pronounce, And colors as rich and deep as the sky above us, And the earth beneath us. Schools, offices, housing- They were all beautiful in their own way, Small brick buildings, with ivy rolling up the side, now covered in graffiti. Now schools have bars on windows, And offices and housing alike are cement blobs with dirty windows. You could have bought six loaves of bread and a pie, For under twenty cents at the local butcher. Now a grapefruit costs more. Things were so inexpensive- Do we know the value of money, or did they? Brooklyn has changed. The world has changed. What once was, Is no more. And what now is, will fade as well.

The story was posted on 2004-04-02