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Transportation by nikolai gressin

The difference, between then and now, is that now is better, than ther. First we have better technology, better than before. If you wanted to be speedyyou would hop on a horse, then, Now a motercycle will do. There are many ways to move now, a bus, a car, a train, Now you can call a taxi, then you hired a wagon. If you wanted to rescue someones life, There are police, doctors and more each with their own car. Then you waited for a trolly. Say you wanted to build, You have cement trucks, cars with ladders, cranes. Then you had a horse and wagon. But there are things the same, Big boats and rowboats, bicycles and more. Now you can see that now is better, but old is in fashon, There are good things new and old.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00