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100 years ago...

100 years ago… 100 years ago, When their buildings had slanted roofs, Roofs where small girls would sit and read. Now in their place are identical box houses, Though full of color, they have no liveliness is to be seen. Candy stores with peppermint wafers, where Francie used to buy, May now be a dumpster, with no trace of them behind. 100 years ago, As small children played in the gutters, As Francie walked by, thinking all thoughts, How bricks were not the same. Now those bricks are gone, With unfeeling cement left behind, Gone, making us watch cold blank stone. Storefronts, where Francie used to peer, Are now gone, Away, with nothing to show but Offices with their names written in black, Hopeless, hopeless black. Houses stacked on stores, Not there then, No, then they had small apartments, With rooms that lead into one another. Where they all lived, making happiness, And being sad. All those feelings left behind. Left behind for all that is not worth it. Stanza 1: How all the houses seem to have changed, so have how the way people treat the houses. Stanza 2: Stores have been torn down, and never used. Stanza 3: There were more bricks than cement in Francie’s time. Stanza 4: Now there are more office buildings than quaint little shops. Stanza 5: The apartments have changed, from where Francie lived.

The story was posted on 0000-00-00