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Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Francie's Walk

I think about Francie, going back to take her walk, through, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, I stand and think about, their lives' essentials, boy, have they changed. Surviving harsh conditions, and surpassing starvation, was their main ambition, like eating end of tongue, and Losher's stale bread, instead, of all together paying eighty-five cents, they would simply pay ten. A pick for your penny, prize or candy, Charlie would say, not named Charlie, and far from cheap, he would take your penny, atempting to be a sneak. You could go to Carney's, with your saved up junk, if you were a girl for an extra penny, stand your ground, while he takes a hunk, out of your cheek, but hey, thats more food to eat. As I walk, I mostly see clothing stores, on Varet and Graham green tagged clothes, instead of some ham, there were yellow signs, factoria de ropa, dollars three, and Payless, hlaf off everything on sale, as I look around, this is what my camera and I see. Still amny wanna save their money, there are so amny ninety-nine cent stores, it aint even funny, buy and sel gold I see, a catchy design, caught my eye quickly, on Varet and Manhattan, was a recycling machine, cash in your plastic and cans, for some extra green. I take Francie's walk, and this is what I see, much has changed from the going ons in A.T.G.I.B.

The story was posted on 2004-04-02